Shanlung's Tinkerbell has been the inspiration for many pet parrot owners to give their birds back their wings, and for some to train for outdoor flight. When Carly's baby wing clip started to grow out, I was torn about what to do. I discovered Shanlung's stories about Tinkerbell flying in the mountains of Taiwan on an African Grey Parrot forum I was on, and I knew immediately I would train her and keep her flighted. It opened a whole new world of possibilities.

A big thank you to Shanlung, who has spoken out about the benefits of flight on many different forums, and chronicled his training and days with Tinkerbell in words and photographs on his web journal. Seeing Tinkerbell in the air on her harness gave me the courage to start the process. When I realized how strong the training could be, I decided to fly her without harness and tether; in the wake of Tinkerbell's dangerous escape I would not personally recommend it. However there are real risks inherent in any kind of outdoor flying. Tinkerbell has been a wonderful ambassodor for flighted parrots everywhere. [Update: Tink is home!]

Shanlung's Journal
& more Tinkerbell Photos.

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